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At JUST, our clients come first. We are here to empower you on your journey to financial success.

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About Meet Dalonika

Meet Dalonika,

Dalonika is an outstanding woman with clear ambitions and extraordinary goals. She strives to achieve great things and make a contribution to the community and society. Her goals are to inspire and assist others, develop her business, and expand opportunities for growth and success.

About Meet Dalonika

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We're a passionate team with big aspirations. Get to know the individuals dedicated to supporting your growth and prosperity.

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12,200 +

emprendedoras visionarias han recibido préstamos.

$ 22 millones

invertido en sueños.

99 %

tasa de repago.

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63 %

de mujeres de JUST, tienen un fondo de ahorros.

Our Mission

JUST is a nonprofit financial platform working to close the racial wealth gap by investing in ambitious Texas women through capital, peer coaching & community.

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Less Stress. More Joy

Three out of every four Texans living in poverty are Hispanic or Black. Our mission is to close the racial wealth gap through our work, and we do not plan to rest until every person living in the Lone Star State has the opportunity to live with less stress and more joy.

Nuestro Equipo

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Rashidah Alshams

Directora de Crecimiento & Asociaciones

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Maria Isabel Arellano

Directora Comunitaria


Mario Callejas



Carolina Cantu

Exito del Cliente


Angelica Castro

Sr. Directora Comunitaria -  Austin

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Angelica Escalante

Directora Comunitaria - Dallas


Shandricka Davis

Directora Comunitaria - Dallas

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Marce Diaz

Apoyo al Consumidor


Keishla Felix-Plum

Directora de Operaciones

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Jose Flores 


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Adriana Garcia

Directora Comunitaria - Houston & El Paso

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Karen Gonzalez

Directora de Comunidad y Aprendizaje

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Yesenia Gutierrez

Apoyo al Consumidor


Lisa Hernandez

Gerente de Desarrollo


Ashley Phillips

Vice Presidenta de Desarrollo


Ivonne Salinas

Directora de Crecimiento & Programas


Steve Wanta

Co-Fundador & CEO

Financial Information

The financial information provided is up-to-date and meets regulatory standards.

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Performance objectives for 2022
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Performance objectives for 2022
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Nuestra Junta Directiva

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Zoe Schlag

Schmidt Futures


Darsh Singh 

Hazoor Partners 


Holly Tachovsky



Steve Wanta


Preguntas Frecuentes

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¿Qué es JUST?

JUST invests in ambitious Black and Brown Texas female entrepreneurs to close the racial wealth gap. Based on trust, we have created a different way for women to get ahead both personally and professionally.

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¿Qué servicios ofrece JUST?

JUST ofrece los servicios de conocimiento, comunidad y capital a mujeres lideres.

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¿Se necesita buen crédito?

Valoramos la confianza ante todo. No nos ponemos a juzgar a alguien en base a su historial de crédito.

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¿Cómo puedo unirme a JUST?

El primer paso es asistir a un evento o conferencia de negocios.